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This scene is interesting, we will be able to see what is happening behind the camera, and obviously the sex doll are fucking very well.

They laugh but they are exciting

The scene that we assist is so fantastic y the scenario of one guy with two girls. The guy is too serious, but he is handsome, and the two girls are a professional one but in the middle of the scene, they laugh. The truth is that the mister doesn’t imagine that he is in the middle of two pretty women. They are playing with the cock and socks it like a lollipop. They don’t do a long fucking one position because each part is different, but they play it easily and every gesture that the actor do is so kind. In the other side, we observe Lisa that is dolled by her make up face and arranging her hair. Before any action, Lisa must go to the toilet and she is eating some sweet menthols and she is nervous. Lisa is Italian, and she had a big busty. She is having some manicure session and a massage yet. She will give us a little backroom casting couch before the real scenario with a black guy and his big cock.

Lisa is preparing

She takes the hottest rule with this wearing that is just for her. Before she gets dressed she has a shower and this moment is so magic because she has her boyfriend that exciting her. Then Minah, her makeup is helping her to wear that red underneath and these shoes with high heel. She is so pretty and surely our cameraman is exciting yet. She is singing and dancing before going to the room shooting. She is playing so well all the posture that mister J. the producer ask to her. There are two cameramen and three photographs and us. She is playing very good this movie, and the guy is also fantastic. Lisa had to test the scene with the camera, and the spectacle is fabulous.

In the end of the scenario, we have to clean this room and having some fun moment on brunch party.



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